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Parents and Students, Just click on the link to hear an audio podcast or view a video podcast. Please allow extra time for the video podcast to load. It may take a minute. If you wish to play a podcast on your ipod, right click on the link and save the file to your computer. Then, put the file into an itunes folder to play on an ipod.

Grade 8 Math Podcasts Algebra Podcasts
One Step Equations Graphing Functions
Two Step Equations  Families of Functions
Two Step Equations Using Fractions and Distributive Property  Two Step Equations
Multi Step Equations Video Podcast Slope
Multi Step Equations with Fractions and Distributive Property  Video Podcast Rate of Change
Solve Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction  Video Podcast Direct Variations
Solve Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division  Video Podcast Slope Intercept Form
Two Step Inequalities Video Podcast Equation of a Line
Graphing in the Coordinate Plane Video Podcast Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Finding Solutions to Equations with Two Variables Video Podcast Solutions to Systems by Graphing
Video Podcast Ratio and Rates  
Video Podcast Proportions  
Video Podcast Similar Figures  
Video Podcast Mark Up and Discount  
Video Podcast Percent Increase and Decrease